Home Upgrades and Tips For a Healthy Home

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Home Upgrades and Tips For a Healthy Home


A healthy home is all the rage now. Every homeowner is striving to be greener, cleaner, and healthier. Health is the new sexy.

Want a few upgrades and tricks on how to make your home a healthy home? Here are upgrades and tips you could do to transform your home into a healthy home.

1. Proper ventilation

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One of the most holistic ventilation approaches is to use whole house ventilation. Otherwise, ensure your kitchens, bathrooms, and garage (if enclosed) are well ventilated.

The kitchen needs ventilation the most because you cook in there. Cooking with gas produces carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, moisture and a lot of carbon dioxide. It’s important to have a hood and ventilating fan in your kitchen. It’ll keep it air cool, clean, and safe in your home.

Proper ventilation also discourages moisture excess. Which, if left would fester into mildew, mold, and bacteria. All of which aggravate your respiratory system and damages furniture.

Obro is a trusted brand that makes kitchen ventilators if you’re looking to buy a new one anytime soon.

2. Non-porous surfaces

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Porous surfaces become a trove for bacteria. Ensure your kitchen, bathroom and rest of the home is fitted with non-porous materials. This will allow optimal cleanliness.

Non-porous surfaces are easy to wipe down and don’t harbor germs. If you insist on porous surfaces like marblequartz, and granite, get them sealed regularly.

Otherwise, opt for Lapitec, Solid surface, Kompacplus, aluminum or Silestone. Non-porous surfaces are less maintenance in the long term too.

3. Copper sink/ counter

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If you want cleanly prepped food with minimal exposure to contaminants, you need a copper kitchen sink or countertop . They’re naturally microbial. Perfect for keeping dangerous food-related contaminants at bay.

Do be sure to properly clean your copper sink with a scrub and do it regularly so your sink doesn’t turn green.

Worry less about E.coli, salmonella, and the like.

4. Indoor plants

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This is one of the cheapest health upgrades a home can get. Especially if you live in a tropical country, plants are everywhere. Bring the outside into your home.

Plants are a natural air filter within your home as they photosynthesize carbon dioxide into oxygen. Some plants neutralize formaldehyde and benzene that’s found in furniture and paint.

Plants are probably the cheapest air purifier a person can get for their home. Its a wonder more people don’t have plants in their home. The best plants to have that are low maintenance are bamboo palms, aloe vera, and peace lilies.

5. Air purifier

Did you know air contaminant levels are 10 times higher in a home than outside? It makes sense considering a home is an enclosed space. So, you really need to ensure your air in your home gets circulated and filtered regularly.

Every healthy home needs an air purifier/ filter. It’ll significantly reduce allergens, dust, and other airborne contaminants. All of which could exacerbate respiratory problems, irritate your skin and lungs.

Dyson is a trusted brand makes great air purifiers. If you want superior air quality within your home, get an air purifier. You will notice the difference in your breathing.

6. Sanitizing frequently

Germs and bacteria are aplenty on any surface within your home. Especially so if you have more inhabitants. You don’t want your children being easily exposed to these unseen dangers.

That’s why you need to sanitize your surfaces often. Regularly wipe down your faucets, knobs, handles, surfaces, and furniture. Use disinfectants and anti-bacterial wipes. Hydrogen peroxide is a highly effective disinfectant that doesn’t have a strong smell.

Keep your surfaces clean and selves safe from disease-causing bacteria and germs. Regularly sanitize your home. Emphasize your kitchen, bathroom, and living room.

7. Whole house water filter

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Your air isn’t the only thing you want clean for a healthy home. Your water is just as, in fact, more important.

If you don’t live in a first world or highly developed country, chances are, water quality leaves some to be desired. You need to equip your home with a heavy duty water filter to filter main line water before it is used at your pipe outlets.

The water probably harbors dangerous contaminants that need to be filtered out before being used. So, filtration is integral if you want to maintain a healthy home.  

8. Keep your floors spotless

You’d think to have a spotless home, you need to mop and vacuum everyday. But who has time for that? Being a busy modern working adult obviously doesn’t make that easy.

The best upgrade to get for convenience and having a healthy home is an automatic vacuum cleaner. Every healthy house should have one of those smart self-vacuuming robots.

They keep dust and contaminants at bay, the air clean and your floors spotless. More homes need them.

9. Get a dehumidifier

Dust, bacteria aren’t the only things a healthy home needs to be aware of. Moisture is just as dangerous. It does more damage than good in a home.

Moisture that isn’t kept under control will cause mildew, mold, and bacteria growth. All of which will affect your health. So, be careful and take precautionary steps.

Your healthy home needs a dehumidifier. It’ll keep moisture at bay and discourage the growth of dangerous mold and the like.

10. VOC/ formaldehyde free home

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VOCs are highly detrimental to a person. Short term effects include asthma aggravation, nausea/ vomiting, irritation, headaches, and dizziness. Long term effects are increased cancer risks, liver and kidney damage as well as central nervous system damage.

A healthy home is a VOCs minimal home. Use paints, building materials, and furniture lacquers in your home that are VOC free. Also, opt for VOC free cleaning supplies for your cleaning endeavors.

To aid in eliminating VOCs within your home, make sure you have an air purifier and proper ventilation too.

A healthy home should be what every homeowner aims to achieve. It can be easily done nowadays. So many gadgets, appliances, and advances exist now to turn any home into a healthy home easily.

Hopefully, the aforementioned upgrades and tips will serve you well. All the best in making your home a healthy home!

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